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The UAE's banking sector offers a variety of options with numerous local and international institutions, allowing you to tailor your bank account to your preferences. Unfortunately, Russian banks and those from other CIS countries are not present in the UAE, and the few Russian banks in the country don't engage with individuals or businesses. The banks in the UAE can be broadly categorized into local financial institutions and international branches of foreign banks. While HSBC, CitiBank, and Bank of Baroda are well-known, local banks may be less familiar. Opening a bank account in the UAE can be a challenge due to the lesser-known local banks. Our objective is to guide clients through the state banking system, recommending the institution that best aligns with their business requirements.

In What Cases Can A Resident Visa Be Refused?

The refusal of a resident visa may be related not only to the decision of the Anti-Crime Service, but also due to the presence of diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, C, D, tuberculosis, syphilis, and other types of sexually transmitted diseases. This way the UAE authorities limit the influx of potentially dangerous carriers of serious diseases into the country and oblige such individuals to leave the UAE. In some cases, this is mandatory.
Advantages Of Opening

A Bank Account In The UAE


Stability and reliability of the UAE financial and banking system


Free movement of capital in any direction


Confidentiality of data about the account holder in the UAE


Low rates of bank processing payments


The most powerful banking infrastructure in the Middle East


Stability and reliability of the UAE financial and banking system

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Types Of The UAE Bank Accounts That You Can Open

The Resident Status Gives Permission To

In order for your resident status to be active, you must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Officially reside in the UAE;
  • Get a tax resident certificate from the UAE Ministry of Economy to avoid paying taxes in your country of permanent residence;
  • Rent a house in the UAE;
  • Connect mobile and internet services in the UAE;
  • Open a bank account in the UAE;
  • Get a driver's license in the UAE;
  • Send children to schools in the UAE;
  • Apply to government agencies in the UAE,, but you must come to the UAE every 6 months.


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